The first pictures

{:de}Ein kleiner Abschnitt am Fuß des Zuckerhuts wurde schon einmal test-halber begrünt. Nach diesem Vorgeschmack haben wir Lust auf mehr!{:}{:en}A small section at the foot of the sugar loaf has already been greened for testing purposes. After this preview we're in the mood for more of it!{:}{:es}Una pequeña sección al pie del pan de azúcar ya ha sido sometida a pruebas. Después de este preestreno estamos de humor para más!{:}

Since summer 2017 it has been a done deal: We are building South America! In our workshop near Buenos Aires you can definitely see that. The new construction phase is slowly taking shape. Here you can see some first impressions of what has been done in the last months.

Welcome …

… Herzlich Willkommen, Bienvenido and Bem Vindo on the latest blog of Miniatur Wunderland! On this page we take you with us on what is probably the greatest adventure in Wunderland history: We are building South America! In South America. With South Americans. In about 190.000 working hours on approximately 200 square meters Rio da… Continue reading Welcome …

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