How to build South America #8

The work on our new section “Rio” is entering the final phase. Our technical team is facing one of the biggest challenges in the history of Wunderland: the carnival with thousands of lights, dancers and lots of mechanics. Whether it will all work out is still written in the stars. Arne decorates one of the … Read more

How to build South America #7

Welcome to Patagonia! Together with our Argentinean friends, we are almost finished with the construction of Miniature Rio de Janeiro. While Rio is now waiting to be built in Hamburg, the show must go on in Argentina, where the substructure for the Patagonia part is already under construction. And we can even see the first … Read more

How to build South America #6

How to bring 46m² of Miniature Rio de Janeiro from Buenos Aires to Hamburg? In this episode, the first part of our new South America section is finally prepared for transport. The entire layout is disassembled, packed into custom crates and finally loaded onto trucks that will take the disassembled model to the port of … Read more

How to build South America #5

Finally! Our modelling work on Miniature-Rio-de-Janeiro is finished. Well, not really. Because as soon as this first 46 square meters of our new South America section have traveled across the Atlantic from Buenos Aires to Hamburg, we will place all the details. There is still an incredible amount to do. But now the whole model … Read more

Video Special: News from South America. Is everything ready for shipment?

For more than three years now we have been planning and building our great new South America section together with the Martínez family. The Rio section marked the beginning of an experiment in intercontinental cooperation. And although the pandemic hasn’t necessarily made it easier for us to work together, we couldn’t be happier that we … Read more