How to Build South America #1

Miniatur Wunderland is building South America in South America! After 18 years of Wunderland, we are now embarking on the biggest and most spectacular adventure in our history to date. For the very first time, we are not building in Wunderland, but thousands of kilometres away in Argentina. We have teamed up with the Martinez … Read more

The first pictures

Since summer 2017 it has been a done deal: We are building South America! In our workshop near Buenos Aires you can definitely see that. The new construction phase is slowly taking shape. Here you can see some first impressions of what has been done in the last months.

Meeting the Martinez Family for the first time

The memory of the first contact with the Martinez family is still alive after two years. A few Wunderlandians visited New York to see a model railway exhibition. There was only one area that really surprised us: a 100 square meter model of South America with real water, Panama and Ipanema. As we were standing … Read more