Construction Update #3: All roads lead to Rio

The road to a Rio section fully in line with our dreams and visions is long. And on the way there, we are also intensively working on roads. And paths. And streets. And stairs. And everything else that is needed to make the new section “accessible” for our little Wunderlandians.

These great mosaics are for example laid at the Copacabana. They were printed on 1.5mm thick poly plates and soon they will decorate promenade on the famous beach in Rio.

Judith and Jimmy only dream about printed plates. They brood in uncomfortable poses over the “Praça Cardeal Câmara” and dedicate themselves to the Sisyphos task of laying cobblestones here. All handcrafted, of course!

They sat there for a total of two weeks, poured plaster, carved it by hand, mixed the colours and finally coloured the stones. And all this with their legs and feet falling more and more asleep.

The work situation is somewhat more comfortable one district further on. In Santa Teresa, Alan is responsible for installing the handmade stairs that are so typical for this part of the city.

Peter holds what is probably the most famous staircase in Santa Teresa in his hands. The “Escandria Selaron” is not only the art and lifework of the Chilean artist Jorge Selarón, but also one of Rio’s top tourist attractions and therefore certainly an eye-catcher in our miniature Rio. The over 2,0000 tiles faithfully recreate the original will then probably be the next Sisyphos task for our model building artists.

But of course you don’t just have to walk in Rio. Intensive work is also already being done on the road infrastructure.

The first “test drive” seems to have run satisfactorily. In the finished Rio, however, we expect a slightly higher traffic volume on the roads 🙂

4 thoughts on “Construction Update #3: All roads lead to Rio”

  1. Für mich ist es herlich zu sehen wie Sie arbeiden. Ich baue selbst in Piccolo N und es wird dann und wann sehr schwer, dass ich mit pincetten arbeiden muss.

    Richardt Bjørno
    Aalborg Dänemark

  2. Gratuliere zur wunderschönen Arbeit. Rio ist einmalig und verdient, in Hamburg zu sein. Schöne Grüsse aus Brasilien.

  3. Eine hervorragende Leistung von den „externen“ Wunderländern.
    Ich freu mich riesig auf das fertige Projekt.
    Viel Erfolg und Spaß weiterhin!!
    Lieben Gruß aus Aachen!!

  4. Schon darüber nachgedacht, welch exorbitante Zölle zu entrichten sind, wenn die Anlage nach Fertigstellung nach Deutschland importiert wird? Die Speicherstandt ist nach meinem besten Wissen nicht mehr Freihafengebiet!

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